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Ursula porn star

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Ursula porn star

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I have help with laundry and had new items ruined also. Your pants were cotton knit though. What about clothing made from cotton that is not stretchy? I have a few nice white blouses that shrunk. Girl on girl facesitting

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Look up sex offenders in my area

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Girl on girl facesitting This is definitely an American thing. You can always spot the americans because of the North Face jackets and the outdoor wear! Pregnant doll maker games

You will be invoiced in Ringgit, the final BND price will depend on the exchange rate applied by your credit card/bank Interactive gay porn

Pregnant porn milk Our maternity clothes are designed to be both on trend and affordable to see you through your pregnancy in comfort and style What's the best sex positions Lesbian outdoor porn

Amateur creampies thread

A lot of North Face stuff is made in Sri Lanka that has one of the worst human rights records on the planet. Sakura get fuck Shemale hentai games

I agree with Tina. I would think that line drying vs. electric drying would not be enough to cause World War III on Jillee s very eye opening post. It s true that it saves a lot of money when you line dry clothing, but it is not always possible. Please think about things before you type/say them. Big girl in bikini year wearing

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A lawyer representing Thrift Land USA of Yonkers, and its owner Carl Vella, refused to comment to CNNMoney. Fre fat porn Anal creampie vids

Manufacturers and retailers of clothes dryers offer and advertise a variety of features on their products. Clothes dryer features are represented in the 'Features'specification categories on the CPI checklist (see last attachment). Dummy or indicatorvariables are created for all characteristics in this specification category. Each of thedummy variables is tested to see whether the overall fit of the model could be enhanced.Basic preliminary models used to test each of the features are presented in Attachment 5,iterative regressions 8 through 11. Hottest free gay porn womenlikedick

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Bookworms xxx If your computer box has important identification material printed on the side, cut that portion from the box or take a photo. The only valid reason to keep tech boxes is if you frequently upgrade your devices and sell your used items. In that case, keeping the original packaging will probably increase their value. Girl on girl erotic stories Women fuck with boy

What about non-white people who wear technical clothing eh? I m 1/2 yellow and 1/2 white and I wear a ridiculous amount of technical clothing. Although I always want to go camping, I m not so stupid as to think my buddy s going to call an impromptu session of hiking and paddling. I for one wear technical clothing because I m a paranoid bastard. When those zombies come, you want to be hunkered down in a makeshift shanty dressed in cotton, that retains water and chills you when the temperature drops? I think I ll stick with my technical clothing. I may look like a douche, but damn yo, how many hipsters look like douches and are just gonna be eaten by zombies because they can t run in their drainpipe jeans? Sheeit yo, it ain t just white people wearing clothing that works, that in itself is degrading to people of other shades. What, because I m 1/2 Chinese I can t be (paranoia-fuelled) practical? C mon!! Spanking porn movies Hentai manga for girls

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Great site. I know there was a post on dogs, but you just have to do one on horses too. And how people dress up for the Kentucky Derby, and love Secretariat/Barbaro/whatever more than breathing air. I ve never figured this one out. And also, all the readers/posters here who STILL have no idea what SATIRE is, or continually suggest the white people like blogs post, or think this is racist, or think that it s actually talking about every person with white skin in the entire world, do us a favor and just close the web browser before hitting Submit Comment. Freezing nude Young gay boy sex video

Featuring a velvet coating to prevent clothing slipping off the hanger, these flocking hangers keep ... Cock teasing porn xxnxm

Hentai farm lessons Rob Well, you know your saris well because that is the right answer. Well done! Now, before we go, it's time to remind ourselves of some of the vocabulary that we've heard today. Will. Mya sex videos

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Good for winter training. I bought the Solar Red colour bright orange really for cycling/running when it gets cold/dark.Nice size & shape. Slim fit, not big and baggy. Large size fits me perfectly. I m 6 1 / 12.5st 185cm / 80kg .Only loses 1 star because the description says its ready for whatever the weather brings . Its not, it will keep you warm but its not waterproof at all. Apart from the waterproof zips which seem a bit pointless if the rest of the material isn t waterproof! ... read more Girl crying photo The best sex scenes in movies

1.5M ratings
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

Dear fans:

So this post goes out to my fans. The loyal fans that have been there since the beginning and the fans that have just surfaced but prove their loyalty and support by buying their porn and buying me stuff, lol. I know I sound like a selfish asshole when I say that. But let me explain everything.

Another porn girl told me that I didn’t have real fans. I didn’t dignify her remarks but in my head I literally LOL. I LOL so hard because the stuff she stole from me that were bought by my fans, my fans replaced on her behalf. Guys, don’t ask me who she is because I won’t tell you. Even if it is to defend me, although I appreciate it, I am a grown woman and I can defend myself if need be. But there is no reason too. Whatever “beef” either of us may have is between us. If she wants to exploit it she is far more than welcomed. But I won’t stoop down to her level. Im disappointed in myself for even mentioning this but because we are on the topic of fans, it had to be brought up.

My fans are the literally the best, I cherish every single one of you. Except for the fucks that are twitter just to see naked pics and the under 18 and over 18 assholes who think illegally downloading porn is okay because “Who buys porn anyways.” You guys are going to hell with all us pornstars except we will all be naked and having sex with each other and you will have your mouths sewn shut and your hands cut off so you can’t touch yourself. And Ill smile to that thought. 

Someone on twitter asked me today,  "Guys buy you stuff even tho they don’t know you?“

thats such a tricky question. Yes and no. Yes because in literal terms you don’t really know me. You know the type of person I am because of the interviews, tweets, etc…But even then thats extremely vague. But no to this question because I respond to every single email I get. Some of these guys aren’t even fans, Ive developed friendships with them. No it isn’t a benefactor type of friendship either. Granted, I don’t have sex with any of my fans but some have my number and we text. 

So lets end this by saying I love you guys! 

Heres a picture of me getting FUCKED for Kink.com!

The Upper Floor with Kink.com

I had the pleasure of working with Kink AGAIN! For the upper floor. It was so awesome. The people at kink make everything so much better, they are genuinely kind people. I think that’s what makes my experience go so well. Anyway, my previous shoot with public disgrace was nothing short of amazing and I could say the same for The Upper Floor. I got to work with Veruca James and Karlo Karrera. From never meeting Veruca and just seeing pictures, she looks pretty darn intimidating. But honestly, theeee nicest chick you will ever meet in your life. She was so helpful with everything. From helping me get dressed to helping me remember all the rules of the upper floor. I couldn’t have asked for a better girl to work with for my first time up there. Now what makes this trio so much more special was Karlo. Before porn I used to watch a lot of porn, shit! I still do! But as you know I loooove watching gangbang porn. And Karlo was in a lot of those porns I use to watch back in high school. And let me say ladies, he is sexier in person. My goddddd, I was literally drooling over his perfectness. He’s just a big, strong, built, and well endowed man. He’s just soooo hot. So I suppose you guys want to ask what my favorite part of the scene was? Well it was when I was getting fucked. Sounds weird I know. But if you guys saw the live show the you’ll understand if not, kink is pretty good with releasing scenes fast. (My public disgrace was released 3 days ago!) it was also very hot watching Veruca get fucked while having the most intense orgasm I’ve ever seen. So there ya have it guys. Karlo and Veruca are amazing. The upper floor is amazing. And I had an amazing time! I can’t wait for y’all to see it.

Public Disgrace with Kink

A few weeks back I asked my agents if I could shoot for kink, 2 weeks later they tell me I got booked for public disgrace. My first reaction was cool!!! Maybe I’m a better sub than I am dom because I loved every single moment of it. I talked to some of my friends that are in the business and their reaction was, “you’re shooting public disgrace for your first kink shoot?!?!” So that part made me kind of nervous. Another part that made me nervous was that Alina Li supposably quit the business because of that shoot. So I was all nervous and excited at the same time. I think more excited than nervous tho. When I got to the armory I saw a familiar face. Simone sonay. She’s an absolute doll and made me feel a lot more comfortable. But still I was a little nervous. We finally get to the location and I see all these people so I just quietly sat in my corner while watching Ariel pick the toys she was going to use on me. I see her pick up fat thick rubber bands, a flogger, rope and lots of it and a nipple suction. All these things that I have never even see before. I was pretty excited over the rope because it would be my first bondage experience. When I started doing my scene I was hella embarrassed but I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But boy did I enjoy myself! I just wanted more and more! All these people were giving me so much attention. I had such a fantastic audience, female and male talent. I think my favorite part was when they were putting ice all over my body while I was being fucked on a stool while 2 or 3 other people were choking me and pulling my hair. I was pretty disappointed at one point because I really wanted to do double vag but it just didn’t go in. Without going into much detail, I had a wonderful time! The producer even said I was a natural! I Definitley will be going back to Kink for more!!!

Having sex with girls ON CAMERA

So lets be honest here, I had never hooked up with a girl pre porn. I kissed a girl once but it was a peck, nothing crazy. I never put much thought into why I didn’t like girls because I loved dick, cock, penis, whatever…. I loved everything about it. The way it smelled (sorry, thats gross lol) the way it looked, the way it felt in my mouth and in my pussy. I loved getting tea bagged and just having balls on my face, lol. I just basically worshipped dick. Life is sex. Well it is for me and if it isn’t for you then KILL YOURSELF. 

When I first started to get into the industry self represented I even turned down girl girl work. I wasn’t into trying new things. So when I did my first girl girl scene I was literally freaking the fuck out on set. Ask Emily Austin. I did it and the scene came out OKAY. Nothing spectacular. But it was okay. It was my first one, what can I say? I did one or two girl girl scenes after I signed with an agency. I guess it was evident that this was my first time having sex with girls. 

I did one scene with Cindy Starfall. And I guess you can say she definitely altered my sexual orientation. Its like I had a revelation. I finally understood why guys loved asians so much. I finally understood why other girls and guys loved pussy. And to be honest, after that scene I begged for more girl girl scenes and I got it. I loved it. And for about a month I only shot girl girl. Now I LOOOOOOVE girls! Their reaction to my licking and sucking their clit is so much more satisfying than a guy. Btw, I get off on reaction.  I feel so powerful eating pussy. Like i literally have them in the palm of my hand. 

Before I desired box munching, i always hated girls that pronounced their hatred for girls who were girl girl performers who didn’t even like girls via twitter. LIKE BITCH, IM JUST TRYNA MAKE A LIVING!!!! But my perspective on hating girls who don’t like girls who perform girl girl scenes is the exact same. I truly from the bottom of my mother fucking heart hate WORKING with girls who don’t like girls. I don’t hate them as a person but as a performer, DEFINITLEY YESSSS.

When Im having sex with a girl, I want to full on sloppy make out with her but the bitch is tryna peck me 17 times in a row, like what in the fuck are you actually doing?! kiss me bitch… or Ill fucking make you. And the most absolute worst thing you can do to me when were working together is when I’m trying to bury your face in my pussy don’t FAKE it. Ive done scenes with girls whose heads are down there and just pretend to lick it while the camera isn’t on them. 

My development of lady licking has grown so much I think I even have more girl girl scenes on my website angelinachungxxx.com than boy girl scenes.

My all time favorite girl girl moments:

1.) Layla Price…. GOD SHE IS SOOOO GOOD WITH HER TONGUE! I legit had to tell her to stop because the pleasure was too crazy. I think she might have been the best mouth EVER to touch my pussy. SOOOO FUCKING GOOD. You can watch that scene on angelinachungxxx.com it features yours truly, Layla Price and Nikita Von James.

2.) Cindy Starfall. Idk what it is but her sex appeal is offf the charts. She’s actually making me horny right now.

3.) My 4 way girl girl scene with Cindy Starfall, Marica Hase, and Alina Li. When we had sex, it was never boring. There was just so much oil, so much ass and titties. It was heaven. My favorite part is when Cindy was in doggy eating Alina out while Alina grabbed me by my hair and stuffed my face in Cindys ass and back up to make out with herself all while marica was fingering my pussy…. ahhh! You’ll guys have to watch it on allgirlmassage.com COMING SOON.

So directors, I beg you… Please give me some pussy! My pussy wish list:

1.) Aaliyah Love

2.) Nadia Styles

3.) Dani Daniels 

4.) Maddy O Rielly

5.) Jennifer White


6.) Remy Lacroix

So yesterday I shot an all asian scene that you will be able to see on allgirlmassages.com I got to work with Alina Li, Marica Hase, and Cindy Starfall. It was so much fun. I’ve never worked with Alina and Marica before. But Ive definitely had a piece of Cindy before and it was fucking awesome. Marica and Alina both possess a charismatic personality but in different ways. Marica is so darn cute, her attempt at english is so fucking adorable. Alina is outgoing as shit, she’s bouncing off the walls. She is exactly who she is on twitter. She was sitting on her iPad waiting on set with her legs apart touching her pussy. Not to please anyone, its just the person she is. BTW, Alina can give awesome massages, her hands definitely got my pussy feeling some type of way. The most awesome part of this scene was that I literally got to fuck all four of them. I got a taste of all of them. And i got to make out with Alina and Cindy. hehe, didn’t quite get marica. BUT SOON! It was such a blast working with these girls. I know a lot of my fans have been asking to see me and Alina together, well there ya have it! And as far as Alina has said, her fans asked the same thing. I cannot wait for you guys to see. #asiansensation 


Tinder and porn

People have their own opinion when it comes to pornstars. When I encounter people its usually the same thing, were drug addicted, std carrying whores who have daddy issues. But like Asa Akira said this is the new era of porn. Were not all like that. Im a normal fucking person. I have a family, friends, and I do normal things. Its not like I fuck everyone I see and have unprotected sex. So for someone like me, a hardcore adult performer its difficult to be on a dating app and determine who you’re gonna tell what you do. Sure, girls who are proud to be in porn don’t have a problem telling people. Don’t get me wrong I am proud to be a pornstar. But I don’t run around telling everyone, “HEY! IM A PORNSTAR! WANA GO ON A DATE?!” So I usually just take a wild guess on who I tell. 

So I like to go on tinder… I don’t expect anything from it. I’ve been on 4 tinder dates and I have a different relationship with all of them. The first one turned out to be a really good friend. He knows I do porn. The second one doesn’t know but we talk and see each other like old friends, our relationship is nothing spectacular. My third date doesn’t know either. He likes me and I feel bad because he has no idea. He’s kind of a square. And the 4th one and the only one that I actually fucked… Which was tonight. This is the story. 

He was a total fucking babe. He had no idea I was in porn tho. I don’t just tell people what I do. He said he wanted to come over, cuddle, watch a movie and sleep over. He kept telling me he could tell I was a freak, so I just assumed he knew. We cuddled for literally 2 minutes and were at each other like animals. He wasn’t a very tall guy or big guy at that but his personality as person was great. He was very confident. Not in his membrane but like I said as a person. So I assumed he had a big cock. And he did have one! I struck gold! Every time I fuck a civilian, it’s always a small dick and I get disappointed. But today was very different. Like I said his dick was big and we were going at each other. He was rough with me, just how i like it. Spreading my ass to see my asshole, spitting on my pussy for lube, not that we needed it. But you know how condoms go. We were all over the fucking bed and he was throwing me, flipping me, fucking me. It was fun as fuck. His stroke game coulda been better but maybe I’m just saying that because I’ve literally fucked the best dicks in the world. He asked if I was good at riding dick so I just showed him. I rode his cock like it was the like cock I was ever going to fuck. He asked me to fuck him reverse cowgirl. So i assumed the position and he was fingering my pussy so good that I thought I was going to squirt right there all over his cock. But then he said, “that’s all you get.” Turns out he was too shy to say he had came already. After going at it again, I told him I was in porn. He didn’t flip out but he had a very concerning look on his face. We talked about it and his biggest concern was me being dirty (STD wise) I showed him my recent test and I felt the relief in his voice. We talked about the testing protocols just so I can ensure that he was safe with me. Then he said, let’s do it again! But he ended up leaving and turns out he wants to be occasional fuck buddies which is a okay in my book. I could probably teach him a thing or two. To end the night off, he said he had a good time. I came, he came. And I ended up with an emergency dick call when I needed it. So overall it was a good night! 


BTS: 5/6/14

Yesterday I had the pleasure to be apart (a very small part) to be part of a new directed Bonnie Rotten movie. Im not sure if Im supposed to say anything else so I won’t. Better than safe than sorry. hehe. I got to endure this fun and long day with some of the best girls. Liv Aguilera, Jessica Ryan, Sasha Heart, Alex Chance, and Mia Austin. Lord knows how many times Ive been on set with Jessica Ryan and Mia Austin. But hey, Im not complain, they are fucking babes. THEY ALL ARE BABES! Alex and her boobs, hmmm yummy. Liv and her booty might I add I think its pretty much fucking perfect. Sasha, her cute petite little body and Mia Austin, she’s just well rounded beautiful, inside and out.

The first picture I took just for my femdom fans. I tried to give the meanest look I can. The look that says bow down and kiss my fucking feet you worthless piece of shit. I hope it worked! hehe.

This second picture went Prince is literally priceless. Prince is literally my Prince. The nicest man I have ever met. He’s also soooo much fun. Biggest perv in the world. LOL. Every chance he gets he pulls me to the side and whispers in my ear how bad he wants to fuck me AGAIN! And if you haven’t seen that on ANGELINACHUNGXXX.COM then you should! We have fantastic chemistry. I absolutely adore working with him!

3rd picture: 4 words and 4 words only- LIV AGUILERA PHAT ASS.

4th Picture. My fierce red headed sex kitten. Not like I have a blonde sex kitten or a brunette sex kitten, cause I don’t! I have one sex kitten and its Jessica Ryan. She is literally the naughtiest tale I’ve ever met. She’s so humble, down to earth and brings her own meals to set! LOL. We got some thangs planned for the future! So be apart of the TEAZEWORLD network and join ANGELINACHUNGXXX.COM and watch me fuck all the familiar faces. Anyway, back to Jessica, she’s so vibrant and you can tell thru her hair.

5 & 6 pictures were taken by @RichardManwin Follow him on twitter for updates on his projects! He’s cool as shit and is obviously good at what he does.

About me: The dating aspect of it.

So recently I’ve been harassed by what I think is an Asian male… idk. His AVI is a fucking egg so I wouldn’t know. Anyway he claims that Im a white worshipping asian whore. Well the asian part is right as well as the whore part, hehehe. But white worshipping… LOL. I don’t even worship a God how in the fuck can I worship a whole population of white males. Anyway, I just wanted to blog about my type of guy, who I date and who I have dated.

Ive dated many boys and men in my life. But Ill only count the ones that mattered. My first boyfriend ever was actually a Korean guy and the guy after that was his best friend. He was also Korean. I kinda had an obsession with Korean guys… shit i even started listening to Korean music. Even tho I didn’t know the words I sang with them anyway, plus they were hot. I think my favorite Korean pop star was Tae Yang from Big Bang. I even took Korean class for 4  years in high school and I got a scholarship to go to Korea. Ive dated a black male, a hispanic male, white males, and asian males. 

My first blowjob I ever gave was to a filipino guy behind a walmart. lol. I was always a slut. I will always remember that. The first blow job I ever gave was behind a damn walmart, lol. He didn’t cum tho. I guess I just wasn’t good at it but he did have a big dick. lol. Or maybe it looked big because I was little. Anyway, I lost my virginity to that Korean guy. He was good tho. I mean as good as you can get when you’re 15 years old. But it didn’t hurt as much. But we did fuck, ALOT. I mean ALOT ALOT. And if you’re wondering no, his dick wasn’t small. It was actually pretty average.

Guys I date now. It does seem like I’ve dated more white men more than anything else but they are really the only guys that hit on me and ask me out. I don’t really go out and pursue anyone, no matter the ethnicity. The egg “asian guy” said that I only date guys white blonde hair and blue eyes. Idk how he would know that. Theres only one guy I dated with green eyes. But that didn’t last long anyway. 


People tell me all the time, “you’re too beautiful for porn.” Who determines whether you’re too pretty to do something? If anyone knows who or what determines this, let me know! I’d like to meet him and kick him right square in the fucking nuts. I love doing porn. I don’t do it because I don’t think I’m not capable of doing anything else. I do it because I’m happy. I do it because it changed my life and I have met so many great people. Granted, I’ve met some real nasty people and my job has some real risky safety hazards. But in porns defense, every job has it’s own. The only difference between my job and any other job was that I chose this one. What does being too beautiful for porn have to even do with anything? What else am I gona do with my looks? Work in an office and see the same 10 people I do everyday and smile in their face because if I don’t my $8.00/ hour job depends on it? No thanks!

Life is about enjoying it. Being happy. NOT by doing what some dickhead thinks you should do. Which brings me to explain the pictures I posted in this blog.

This man stated that a present Asian adult performer Marica Hase looks old and used up now because of porn. And said that she was never cute. There are so many things wrong with his statement. Let me explain why.

(I have never met Marica Hase, nor ever spoken to her)
First, I think she is the cutest damn thing. I even saw her the other day at the XRCO awards. She looks far from old. Hell, I look older than her. And I just turned 20. And she doesn’t not look anything close to being “used up.” Whatever that means. Porn doesn’t make you look old. Sex is actually good for your skin. Cigarettes, drugs, stress, time and so many other factors contribute to looking older. But I doubt porn is the reason why any of us “looks old.”

Now before I wrote this blog I took a look at this mans twitter to see who else he bully’s and talks shit about considering he didn’t even tag Marica in his very mean, narrow minded tweet to me. I look on his page and he absolutely adores her. So wait, what?!?! Why would you talk crap about her but 90% of your tweets go to her?

Anywaaaaayyyy, that’s besides the point. I don’t take it as a compliment when you say you’re too beautiful for porn. But thank you for calling me beautiful. But nothing is more beautiful than enjoying your life the way you want too.

Why Maddy O'Reilly is my favorite pornstar @maddyoreillyxxx

Maddy O'Reilly, Hm. Her name alone kinda gets me going. There are so many reason why she’s so perfect. There are so many women in the industry that have fake boobs. Some work… And well let’s be real, some don’t. I don’t respect natural girls more than I do girls with fake tits. I respect everyone all the same unless you a give me a reason too or not too. All the fake tit talk leads me to my first reasoning of why Maddy is my favorite. Her all natural body is so beautiful. Her body isn’t an average porn girls body. Maddy looks so girl next door that it’s actually inspiring. I feel like her natural breast and ass and all around body just tells other insecure females that you don’t have to be plastic to be pretty. Not only can Maddy play off the cute girl in college but she can also be very glamorous and sexy. Idk about you but I don’t know a lot of cute girls that can also pull off being sexy. I’m convinced it’s her eyes. And another main reason why I like her so much is because on most sets I go on I always hear her name. How great she is and how naughty she is. And I love it! She’s a lady off camera and on camera the sluttiest slut of all sluts ever to live! And it’s so fucking hot! This may have come off a bit stalkerish and creepy and majorly gay. But I don’t care. Fans always ask me whose my role model in porn and whom I wish to be like in the future when it comes to my career and I have made up my mind. It’s Definitley Maddy O'Reilly